Honor Dad With Love At First Sight Custom Watch

Honor Dad With Love At First Sight Custom Watch

Unicorn Pancakes Custom Photo Personalized Watch

Finding the perfect gift to celebrate Father's Day is one that one has proven quite challenging for a lot of people. Being able to find what dad likes, what he'll wear and what he'll be happy with are factors that you can get right, when you look beyond the "usual" -- such as belts, hats, shirts, and other sporting accessories amongst others.

Amanda says: "My dad is amazing in every way - not only is he super handsome, but he's the best dad to me and my two sisters Kim and Jenny" Dad works full-time and is often knackered by the time he's finished work, but he still looks after his girls, and have shown us what love looks like when expressed in such special and deeply-fulfilling way. 

On special occasions like Father's Day, I like to show him just how much he means to me and my girls. I have looked almost everywhere online to find a unique gift, something that is outside the "usual" everyday gifts that you get for dad who go out of their way, every single day to show me and the girls that we mean the world to him. Indeed Jim deserves something special, something that is  absolutely going to express just how much myself and the girl love Jim and wish to show him beyond words

I searched high and low, and could not find anything remotely close to help express how I feel, until I found the one and only "Zenora Limited Edition Personalized Bamboo Leather Photo Watch". This awesome product definitely spoke straight to my heart. It helped me realize just how much I could reach out and make daddy equally feel special on this special day, and of course, always.

I got this awesome custom watch at Unicorn Pancakes website. At first, it was the unique name that caught my attention, I went on the website, and found even cooler items I could not resist. This Love At First Sight Zenora Watch is specially made to order with a choice of personalizing the watch with photos and words that express my love and affection in ways that will show dad that he means the world to us. 

I could not wait to share the good news with my two sisters, Kim and Jenny, and what way to do this than show it in writing with pictures that speak louder than words. This was one of the best buys of my life, and I am so delighted that when my and the girls go visit dad from in Minnesota, just like we do every month. I'll get to see that beaming smile on his face that he's wearing a watch of him and mom so happy and blissful together. 

The perfect Father's Day gift for that special dad - The

"Zenora Limited Edition Personalized Bamboo Leather Photo Watch". is available HERE and its 70% OFF Limited Time Only!

Here's to a memorable father's day to all amazing fathers out there! You rock!