How To Encourage A Child’s Passion For Space

How To Encourage A Child’s Passion For Space

How To Encourage A Child’s Passion For Space

Space is something man has been curious about since the beginning of mankind on Earth. And over the centuries, we’ve gathered more and more information about space, planets and our amazing universe, but continue to have many questions about it all. Learning about space is important for children since it allows them to see beyond this globe and look to the stars, full of questions that they can one day answer if their passion for space continues and thrives into adulthood.

An interest in space for children not only fosters our future astronauts, space engineers, astronomers, astrophysicist and cosmologists, but it also helps them learn about Earth. It teaches them why our plant is the only one in our solar system that has water, which is what life is based on. It not only helps foster their imagination and their curiosity, but deepens their appreciation for our beautiful planet Earth. And as technology advances over time, they’ll be able to take advantage of new space-related technology when they’re older to help answer some of our deepest questions about the universe. So to help your budding space explorer, here are some things that’ll help keep their interest on the stars, planets and universe:

  1. Space and Astronaut Mission Project

Let your little one pretend that they’re an astronaut with this huge bucket of 60 different space-related toys!  

  1. Great Explorations 3D Solar System

Let your kid explore the solar system with this cool 3D set that they can stargaze in their room. And it comes with loads of planetary facts so that your kids are learning while they are playing. 

  1. “There’s No Place Like Space!” by Tish Rabe

Make bedtime all about space with this nifty book that’s part of the Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library. They’ll love the fun rhymes and will go to sleep dreaming of the stars!