The team tested: Minipresso

The team tested: Minipresso

At Unicorn Pancakes all products that we offer are selected with love but especially carefully tested by our team to ensure they surpass your expectations. Pasco, sales manager (and incidentally co-founder of Unicorn Pancakes), tested the Minipresso and tells you all about this awesome product that Pasco is all yours, enjoy!

I chose to review Minipresso , not because I'm a big coffee drinker, but rather because I like quality coffee. I also find that the product is super convenient. For starters, a few years ago, on a TV show, I saw a columnist present a mobile phone that also made coffee, it was a prototype that never had to be marketed, but I had been impression. Minipresso made me think of this mobile phone: now we can now make (good) coffee anywhere, what else is next !?

First impressions: though small, yet practical

First of all, I love the design of the product. I find it "smart"! I like the rounded side, and especially the design is well thought since everything fits, the water tank, and the lid that also serves as a cup. So, it is rather small since it is the size of a 50cl bottle which makes it convenient to carry: it is a very positive point. Regarding the weight, it is not all light, but suddenly, it gives the impression that it is such high quality product, we do not have a gadget in hand (I am one of those people who tend to think that a too light a product, could translate to hiding something.

There are several models of Minipresso  : ground coffee, Caffitaly pod, and Nespresso pod. I decided to test the one compatible with Nespresso pods.

The packaging is not the most catchy, however, it is simple, but after all it is well optimized. I would have imagined a black box, simple, sober and quality as found for Nespresso pods. Still, there is nothing superfluous, so pretty cool for the environment. 
Once unpacked, the product is like on the visuals, no bad surprise.

Getting started: as easy to use as an electric machine

For my first use, I used a video that I had seen on Youtube, and presents the different steps to make a coffee with Minipresso . The manual is simple, and describes what you need to know. The steps are so simple that they are described on the packaging, you'll see it's pretty intuitive, you do not need anything more.

First thing to know, Minipresso does not require any charger, no battery, Hallelujah !! And it's finally one of the main gains of the product. You will not need a compressed air cartridge either. An integrated semi-automatic piston reproduces the same process as an electric coffee machine thanks to a pumping system, great!

Noova - Test - Minipresso
Packaging and handling of the Minipresso

The heart of the matter: make a good espresso

I decided to test the one compatible with Nespresso pods. The pump that finally allows to extract the coffee leaves me perplexed, I almost feel that it is too simple. I start by following the steps:

  1. I add hot water to the container provided for this purpose
  2. I insert the Nespresso pod
  3. I unlock the piston (there is a rotation system, just turn it to unlock)
  4. The fateful moment .. I start pumping (5/6 times) to pre-brew the coffee and create pressure. I continue and there, the coffee is extracted from the Minipresso .
It took me a little more than 1m30s to make me a coffee for a first use. In other words, the machine is very easy to use. A total of twenty pressures will have been needed to extract the coffee.

I went with both hands because I felt more comfortable, but the system does not require more force than that, only when the pressure comes to open the capsule to extract the coffee.

Conclusion: as easy to do as it is to drink

First and foremost, the most important thing for me was the quality of coffee beyond the machine. We can have the most beautiful and the most practical machines, if the quality is not at the rendezvous, there is little interest. And that's where I'm most satisfied. The quality is almost the same as with the official Nespresso machines.

In terms of use, I would use it mainly for hiking, or picnic with friends. Finally, the moments when it is difficult to drink a (good) coffee. After that I think that Minipresso would be perfect for people who have a traveling job (commercial), or craftsmen who spend time on sites (which do not always have electricity).

In short

What I loved

  • The quality of the coffee
  • Utilisation facility
  • The different models
  • The size of the machine

What can disappoint

  • Having to have hot water at hand
  • The size of the water tank

If for you too it is unthinkable not to finish a meal without a good coffee, even at the other end of the world, then the Minipresso is clearly for you! And to reward you for this hard reading, I offer you -10% OFF on your order of a Minipresso with the code "SAVE10".😉