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Saving Money For Your Food Expenses

Anything that comes between me and my hair appointment money is a problem. The growing expense of my groceries was becoming one. So, I made adjustments to my grocery shopping and cooking routine and I was blown away by the amount of money I saved. I decided to share these tips because no woman or man should have to miss a hair appointment. Keep reading and start saving money!

1. I Use Grocery Apps

I had a habit of going to the grocery store without a list and throwing whatever caught my eye in the cart. I would end up double purchasing food items and waste money on unnecessary items (like a shimmery nail polish that was misplaced in the cereal aisle). Now, I take twenty minutes on every Sunday and use an app on my phone to plan my weekly meals, find recipes, and make a list. I also stick to the list, no exceptions.

2. I Hate Meal Prepping, But … 

I’m not a fan of eating the same meal every week, therefore prior to budgeting I never did meal prep. However, meal prepping is necessary when budgeting because it helps stretch your food items into multiple meals. I meal prep a la carte and switch ingredients daily to create new meals throughout the week.

3. I Do My Own Research

After further review of my grocery receipts, I noticed brown eggs were more expensive than white eggs. Instead of continuing to follow this “healthy” brown egg trend I found on Twitter, I did my own research. Let’s keep this short and I’ll end with I never bought brown eggs again. I take advantage of the big sale on kitchen essentials and save even more.

4. I Cook Meals According to Weekly Deals and in Season Food Items


If chocolate chip cookies are on sale, guess what’s for dinner? I stopped letting weekly deals pass me by. I plan meals according to what they are.

5. I Started Cooking Outside of My Comfort Zone

I am a born and raised Midwestern woman and I’ll admit, I only cooked within my culture. This limited me to the same meats and vegetables, that can be quite expensive. Now, I incorporate recipes from other cultures into my grocery shopping. This created more meal options that require less expensive food items. Side note: Mexican cuisine is a great go-to when you need one meal to stretch all week.

6. I Buy Less Meat

Meat is my most expensive food item every week. I began to decrease the amount of meat I purchase. Every meal doesn’t need to have meat. I often use vegetables as the main course and incorporate plenty of grains in my meals.

7. I Started Using the Slow Cooker I was Gifted for Christmas


Thanks, Aunt Lisa! The slow cooker is great for enhancing the flavor in low-quality meats. It’s also great for making large portioned meals.

8. I’m Trying to Recycle as Many Leftovers as Possible

This part is still a challenge for me. I’m constantly looking for ways to transform my leftovers into another delicious meal. I started planning my meals with the intent of repurposing the leftovers. For example, if I make hamburgers, I’ll save a portion of the meat for tacos.

9. I Bargain at Farmer’s Markets

I noticed that if I attend my neighborhood’s Farmer’s Market an hour or two before closing time I can negotiate better deals with produce. I developed a relationship with my favorite vendors also. Thank me later!

10. I Take the Time to Store my Food Correctly 

I spent a little extra money and bought the deals for kitchen utensils, and Having a large amount of food spoiling throughout the weeks was my biggest loss with money.

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