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Magic Walking & Singing Unicorn

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A child's imagination is a powerful and unique thing that is not only used to make up stories and games. It's a key factor that can define the type of education, career and life they'll create for themselves in the future. Fairy tales make kids imagination colorful, and it gift kids the curiosity to learn new things and experience new places.

Our Magic Walking & Singing Unicorn is a cute Singing Unicorn that jumped straight out of a fairy tale book. It sings and wiggles as it walks, melting your kids heart and feeding their imagination. This cute thing will entertain your kids to no end and will create a magical atmosphere to an otherwise ordinary playtime.


  • Soft plush toy with easy to operate playback function
  • Sing English songs
  • Walks when Unicorn sings
  • Batteries not Included 


  • Size: 35.0 cm * 10.0 cm * 30.0 cm
  • Material: PP Cotton
  • Battery:3 x AA battery (Not included for easier shipment)