Meet a few of our happy customers from all around the world.

Monika P.
Pencil is making realy fast nice yeybrown!
Waterproof Microblading Pen
Martha S.
I love everything about it except that it’s a little wide on the bottom so I had to tie it.
Life Mantra T-Shirt
cynthia r.
At age 54, I am finding my once thick eyebrows are patchy! This eyebrow pen really fills in great! I love it.
Waterproof Microblading Pen
Stephanie K.
This is truly fabulous! Very gentle strokes and wa-la! And, it lasts. Next morning your saying to yourself, wow, they R still there!!! I use a child’s tooth brush 2 blend. Once done....Wa-La!!?
Waterproof Microblading Pen
Nicole S.
I love the shirt! It's so soft and comfy!
Mama Bear T-Shirt
Patti L.
So far so good. I was skeptical this would fit this pie plate, but it did! Have not tried others.
Stretch & Seal Lids (6 Pieces)
Trong N.
Laser Acupuncture Pen
Madhoori R.
I just love the pen! It took a long time to reach me. I would like a faster delivery. Thanks
Laser Acupuncture Pen
Felicity M.
Took a while to get here, but looks good
Soft Knit Beanie
Janet G.
I love the VW mugs but I was disappointed in the quality of them. I plan on using mine and that study handle you advertised is light as a feather as is the whole mug. For the price I was expecting a sturdy useable mug not something so delicate. I ordered eight of these so it was a big deal. It was a miracle they were not all broke. The cute boxes they came in were all smashed. But none of the mugs were broken thank goodness. I need three more but I will want and see how these hold up. Peace ...
Road Trip Coffee Mug
Kristie H.
Keeps the ants out of my sugar very well
Stretch & Seal Lids (6 Pieces)
Jamie M.
I’ll try to use first before recommend to others.
Stretch & Seal Lids (6 Pieces)
Joanne K.
Love it
Groot Man Planter Pot
Cheryl C.
These mugs are adorable! I absolutely love the orange one, but the green one was a bit disappointing. The colour is almost a pastel green, not the vibrant green that I was expecting.
Road Trip Coffee Mug
Luisa D.
Absolute beautiful
LED 3D Butterfly Wall Lights (10 Pieces)
Marlene B.
Have not used it yet will have to read the book first only received it today when I went to the mail boxes Regards Marlene Bailey
Laser Acupuncture Pen
Shir-Lee M.
Love my little planter. He is very cute and unique . Get a lot of comments on him.
Groot Man Planter Pot
mary eleanor (molly) p.
Such a charming night light!
Lucky Mushroom Night Light
Margaret H.
Great product easy to use and very useful. Delivered promptly. Very satisfied.
Stretch & Seal Lids (6 Pieces)
Zoraida L.
Love how it feels and looks!
Life Mantra T-Shirt
Maria W.
Parlo Italiano, Deutsche und Französisch.
Laser Acupuncture Pen
Pamela M.
Exactly like the picrures. Perfect for high ponytails!
Ponytail Baseball Cap
Jenni M.
Brilliant product!!! Thankyou
Stretch & Seal Lids (6 Pieces)
Jasmina T.
Just started to use it, can’t say much yet. Hopefully will work
Laser Acupuncture Pen
Samia S.
So practical
Stretch & Seal Lids (6 Pieces)
Kurt H.
I could feel the pulsing sensation as the stress points were being worked on.
Laser Acupuncture Pen
Gary L.
I first got them on fri opened up boxes which had 2 butterflies in them they were all in tack no broken ones I was skeptable but when I took them all out turned them on they were beautiful I love them I’ll be ordering another set of 10 thanks....
LED 3D Butterfly Wall Lights (10 Pieces)
Larry C.
first time with it on, I will need to try it for a few days, bit concerned about the sizing this is a large and it feels tight, I only have sparrow legs
3D Adjustable Knee Brace
Vivian C.
So far so good
Stretch & Seal Lids (6 Pieces)
Sandra J.
This product is true to description. Works really well
Stretch & Seal Lids (6 Pieces)
Evelyn M.
Love it. My husband like it more and using it while watching TV and showed me the result on his face after a day. Its like magic.
Laser Acupuncture Pen
Kerrie L.
I wore the brace yesterday after having a broken bone in my knee I chased dogs through rough ground for about 2 hours and had no pain after or in the morning .
3D Adjustable Knee Brace
Angela H.
I’ve always wanted to be a beanie person and also like to wear my hair up so it just wasn’t happening. I love this design - where have you ‘beanie’ all my life ?
Soft Knit Beanie
Rebecca J.
I always get good compliments on my eyebrows yet I'm always feeling dissatisfied with them... this product gives the finishing touch I prefer. 100% Satisfaction
Waterproof Microblading Pen
Samantha F.
Soft Knit Beanie
Erica M.
We may have found a tennis ball he can't chew up!?! He's having a great time with it.
Doggy Jumbo Ball
Tania P.
I Absolutely Love My Ponytail Beanie!! I am going to buy a few more!! My daughter has one as well and She Absolutely Loves hers too Xxx ??
Soft Knit Ponytail Beanie
Jay R.
It took a while to arrive, but im so happy with it! Been looking for a beanie for ages that feels comfortable with my hair and this one is just right!
Soft Knit Beanie