Bunny Cable Chomp

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Upgrade all of your charging cables with this little animal accessory that clips around cables to prevent breakage. Not to mention its super cute.. and Cable Chomps work for both iPhone and Android for just $12.99!

  • Limited Edition: When the Cable Chomps sell out, it will be gone forever! Get a chance to own this item which only a luck few will have.
  • 44mm Size: Just the right size to reinforce your cable anywhere in your office or home without taking too much space, nor is it too little where the cool details become hard to see. The chomps are the perfect size to protect your cables!
  • Realistic: Carved, textured, detailed, and made with high quality material to have immense detail!
  • No Hidden Costs At Checkout!

*Due to an increased demand for Cable Chompers, we will run out of stock soon! Order soon so you don't miss out! We can't wait for you to receive your Cable Chomps!*