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Product Description

Your eyes will not believe the size, and your ears will not believe the sound. The Micro Loudspeaker is a best-selling speaker for a reason - these 4” all-metal spheres deliver superlative sound. The build and technology encompasses years of Gallo Acoustics know-how, and the results will be music to your ears. They're small - literally the size of an orange - and they can either be mounted, eliciting many “wow, those are cool speakers” comments, or they can vanish unobtrusively into any décor. The choice is yours.

But the sound does anything but disappear. Full, dynamic, and crystal clear, this little marvel will involve you with your music and movies like no other small loudspeaker, and even outperform box speakers many times their size and price. Use these as your main speakers, as rear satellites, or any combination of such. They are that good. You can also use them for desktop listening - they're great for gaming, or music streaming services.

Product Details
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— Includes 1 Speaker 
— Warranty: Manufacturer's 2 Years 
— Frequency Response: 100Hz to 22Khz (on wall) // 120Hz to 22kHz (on stand) 
— Impedance: 4 ohms (nominal) 
— Sensitivity: 85 dB @2.83v / 1 Meter 
— Power Handling: 60 watts (Full Range) 125 watts (X-Over At 80-120Khz) 
— Driver: 3" Wide-Dispersion Flat Diaphragm 
— Dimensions: 4" Sphere 
— Cone Material: Aluminum Laminated Proprietary Honeycomb Sandwich 
— Enclosure Material: Steel