Stretch & Seal Lids (6 Pieces)

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What do you do with leftover avocado and onion halves or unused leftover marinade when you’re done cooking? Storing them in plastic food containers usually takes up lot of space in the refrigerator, and plastic wrap seems is a bit wasteful. Now your food will taste as good as new, with a clear airtight seal to keep your food fresh and prevent spills. 

Stretch & Seal Lids variety pack of six is perfect for just about any size container, food item, or cup.

Durable and safe with extra thick silicone it won’t tear or warp and can be used over and over. They are a must for those of us who don’t like doing the washing up!

  • NEVER need to find a matching lid again: get over that pain with our Stretch & Seal Lids.
  • ENJOY the tightest seal possible – occurs best when the sealing surface is DRY.
  • FITS directly over bowls and food items themselves, avoiding a container transfer
  • FRESH, FRESH, FRESH! Keep it fresh for the next day!

6 sizes in one package- to eliminate the hassle of lost lids.