Trivekx Arm & Upper Body Workout & Toning Machine

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I'm going talk about cellulite and fat layer that is holding you back from having that perfectly toned body.

Why? Let me tell you. 

Fat is cultivated in the areas of the body where physical exertion is less as compared to other parts or none.  


"Okay, How to burn it?" 

Good question; here are couple of thing that you can do to reduce the amount fat layer on your body.

1. Increase water intake

2. Reduce Sugar Intake

3. cardio

However the above ways will NOT target the exact fat cultivating areas on your body. And because of that, it will take months to get visible results. To solve this problem, especially for the upper body area, we have designed Perfect Arms. Perfect Arms intensely targets Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Chest and Back. You can start feeling the muscle break after few days of continuous usage. 












Delivery took a little time, may be because of seasonal rush. But i love the equipment. Does the work. Its really a muscle breaker. I feel really toned after 15 mins of use. It also makes me feel really active!





  ↓ IT WORKS!  ↓














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